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As one of Europe's largest lighting manufacturers, Trilux offers a wide range of interior technical and decorative lighting families as well as specialized lighting systems for hospitals, clean-rooms and factories. It is also a major provider of exterior lighting for roads, urban and suburban areas, tunnels and stadiums.

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Headquartered in Arnsberg, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, Trilux-Lenze GmbH + Co KG is one of Europe's oldest and most prominent lighting manufacturers.

Founded by Wilhelm Lenze in 1912, Trilux specialized for many years in the manufacture of lamp shades and valves for gas lanterns used as exterior lighting. Inadvertently destroyed by Allied bombing runs during World War II, the company was back in business in 1948, guided by a dramatic new mission: to develop lighting products characterized by innovative design and high-quality photometrics. This ambitious goal soon resulted in the introduction of the first fluorescent-lamped fixtures to European markets.

Trilux has since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers in all of Europe, with production facilities in Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain as well as in Manila and Hong Kong. Today it remains a family-owned company committed to creating lighting products that satisfy contemporary demands for aesthetics and functionality in a wide range of environments.

TriluxAt Trilux headquarters in Arnsberg, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, production of interior and exterior luminaires, logistics, research and development as well as administration and presentation facilities are efficiently integrated.

Many Trilux designs stand out as architectural highlights in their own right, while offering sophisticated engineering to enhance visual quality and boost efficiencies in today's working and public environments. Trilux is widely respected for its high-level technical design and engineering. It is also known for aggressive implementation of new materials as well as new ballast and control gear technologies.

Trilux has always been a proponent of the concept "form follows function," although in recent years the imaginative application of new materials and tooling possibilities as well as innovative lamping technologies have bolstered its ability to meet ever more stringent design requirements.

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