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Regent® blends innovation with technology to create high-comfort illumination for ergonomically designed workplaces. The company is known for the design elegance and high quality of its many product lines.

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Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with offices throughout Europe, Regent was founded in 1908. The company was originally an importer and distributor of household items - everything from knives to pasta machines - including lighting products and electrical components. Since 1945, Regent has focused entirely on lighting.

In the mid 1940s, Regent became interested in the newly invented fluorescent lamp. After becoming a representative of this new technology, Regent became the first Swiss company - and one of the first in Europe - to offer fluorescent lamps in lighting products.

A fourth-generation, family-owned enterprise, Regent has specialized in the development of direct and indirect systems for the past 15 years, offering a wide range of pendant, wall-mounted, and free-standing configurations. The company believes in minimal aesthetic adornment, preferring that its fixtures maintain a subtle profile, supporting but never dominating the interior architecture of a space. Regent's guiding principal is to create light, not so much luminaires, and it employs advanced engineering and technologies to accomplish that purpose. Still, the company is widely recognized throughout Europe for the elegance and enduring quality of its designs.

Regent's top management remains intimately involved in the development and approval of new product designs, assuring their alignment with the companys mission and philosophy.

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