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Multiline offers original designs and innovative lighting techniques, and has an outstanding reputation for the quality, finish and photometric performance of its products.


Headquartered in Lummen, Belgium, Multiline was founded in 1981 by Peter Rahne, who for nearly 20 years had been a successful distributor for the German manufacturer Hoffmeister Lighting Systems.

During his years representing Hoffmeister, Mr. Rahne frequently heard from clients about the need for added value in lighting. Most manufacturers at the time offered limited lines of standard products and resisted requests for customization. But Mr. Rahne was a good listener. He saw the opportunity to satisfy a growing demand for broad-based lighting solutions, and decided to start his own company to do just that.

Upon launching Multiline, management developed a range of linear fluorescent systems with an emphasis on customization. On the strength of this - and subsequent new product introductions - the company was an immediate success.

Over the years, Multiline's guiding concept of responding to client needs has resulted in a proliferation of the firm's offerings and a focus on pleasing architects and lighting designers.

MultilineMultiline first introduced exterior lighting products in the early nineties, and their wide acceptance has spurred the company on to ever more sophisticated designs. As new buildings have tended toward linear, minimalistic architecture, Multiline developed Artres, a product with a unique look that integrates well. And as architects increasingly call for highlighting of key exterior building features, Multiline has responded with a wide range of recessed uplighters.

Following the success of Artres, new designs such as Scorta, Intimo and Linea have been recently introduced, exemplifying Multiline's continuing philosophy to create lighting products that are completely original in the market.

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