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Three shapes.
One affordable price.
Superior luminaire efficiency.

With Energie's unique trio of direct/indirect systems, no matter which look you like you're assured the same extraordinary lighting. Enthuse, Enform and Enspire 98.7% efficient luminaires combine advanced optical design with Alanod MIRO-SILVER® aluminum louver technology to deliver high-comfort, high-efficiency illumination for contemporary workplaces and classrooms.

Three distinct exterior shapes to choose from. Select rectilinear Enthuse, sleek Enform or crescent shaped Enspire. Now you can choose the shape you want and get the same extraordinary performance.

Ranked among the world's most sophisticated direct/indirect systems Enthuse, Enform and Enspire meet stringent ANSI/IESNA RP-1-04 guidelines for soft, glare-free illumination. The Alanod MIRO-SILVER® aluminum material in the louvers coupled with German manufacturer Trilux' expertise in louver design allows the fixtures to produce a remarkable 98.7% efficiency while delivering the most footcandles for the least energy used.

Continuous Runs
Enthuse, Enform and Enspire are offered in 4-,8- and 12- foot modules and can be pendant or surface mounted. They are joined using internal fasteners and through wiring systems to form linear runs of virtually any length. Pendant mounted Enform and Enspire can be fitted with corners to form distinctive patterns.

Ultimate occupant comfort
The louvers extend down the length of each module- and a cross all joints between modules so there's no interruption in the downlight pattern, creating a pleasing, uniform light.

Enthuse, Enform and Enspire can be used in a variety of commercial and institutional applications; open and individual offices, conference rooms, reception areas, libraries, classrooms and health care facilities.

Enthuse, Enform and Enspire rank among the world's most sophisticated lighting systems, yet are priced competitively with ordinary lighting products.


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