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Patented Miro® technology assures extraordinary light quality
and efficiency

Drawing on 90 years of louver engineering leadership, Trilux developed the optical system that allows,Enthuse, Enform, and Enspire luminaires to achieve an unprecedented 99% efficiency rating.

The Trilux optical system also controls louver brightness from the direct light component, meeting ANSI/IESNA RP-1-04 guidelines for comfortable, glare-free illumination.

Normal anodized aluminum louver material has a total reflectivity of up to 87%.To increase or enhance this total reflectivity, several nanometer-thin optical coatings are applied to the aluminum surface in a vacuum. This patented approach uses reflection intensification – an adaptation of wavelength interference technique – to alter the way in which light is reflected from a specular or matte surface, increasing physical reflectivity by an average 16% over conventional louver materials. MIRO is Alanod's brand name for these very reflective products.

Taking the louver materials to an even higher performance level, Alanod added a layer of pure silver to the louver material which gives MIRO-SILVER® a total reflectivity of 98%.

MIRO® surfaces are absolutely free from interference colors resulting in a neutral color rendition. Light does not show a color spectrum shift, even after numerous reflections.

% of Light Escaping After how many reflections
18% directly
30% 1
17% 2
10% 3
8% 4
17% 5

The chart shows why this reflectivity is so important. Because up to 25% of the light takes 4 or 5 bounces off the louver material before it exits the fixture, transmission loss can add up to decreased light output. MIRO-SILVER® delivers high efficiency with little transmission loss.

Energie Products Using
MIRO-SILVER® Aluminum Louvers

Beautiful and easy to maintain, high quality Trilux louvers have been extensively tested by the German Frauenhofer Institute for long-term stability even in saline or methane environments. Simply stated, no other louver system compares.

For more information about MIRO-SILVER® aluminum material, please visit the Alanod website.

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