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Recognized as a premier manufacturer of European architectural lighting, Castaldi strictly abides by its simple corporate philosophy; never copy - innovate!

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Castaldi's roots trace back to 1929, when the engineer Enrico Castaldi founded "Illuminotecnica," the first Italian lighting magazine, and one of the first lighting magazines in Europe. The magazine, with its futuristic covers drawn by the architect Piero Bottoni, provided a new authoritative expertise on the Italian lighting market. After founding the magazine, Mr. Castaldi worked at Holophane-Paris where he gained mastery in the design of reflection and refraction in optical systems.

Just less than a decade later, Castaldi founded a lighting manufacturing company under the same name, specializing in watertight and explosion-proof lighting fixtures for chemical companies, factories, and exterior functional spaces. While these fixtures were designed for  the industrial sector, their highly engineered components and precise performance earned the recognition and appreciation by many leading architects.

In the 1970s, Castaldi began to specialize in what the firm manufacturers today - highly precise luminaries for demanding architectural environments.  In addition to its unique interior designs, Castaldi leads the European market in durable, distinctive outdoor lighting. Over the years the company has won numerous technical and design innovation awards, and received worldwide recognition for its product development and thoughtful engineering.

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